My name is Carl S. Yestrau, and I build web pages. People often call me an HTML'er. I prefer writing JavaScript using the native DOM over frameworks. I work on the splunk> search ui and previously worked for Yahoo! as a frontend engineer.

I live in San Francisco with my lovely wife Julianne and mini-me daughter variant Mila. We enjoy going to our Airstream in Sonoma when time permits.

Lots of people come to my web pages every day. I hope you enjoy your stay!


Browser Programming

Much discussion around browser based programming can be misleading, especially CSS and JavaScript. The reality of CSS is that it has extremely limited selector support and dimension control is inconsistent. As for JavaScript, often a basic understanding of the DOM is lost due to the use of complex libraries attempting to normalize and abstract away browser differences.

Browser inconsistency is an important feature of the web promoting constant change and re-evaluation of sometimes incorrect assumptions. A strong understanding of core fundamentals like XML, DTD, XHMTL, CSS and DOM theory is more important than web development hype found in many blogs and articles.








My resume is available in PDF format - carl-s-yestrau-07-23-2009.pdf.


The best way to contact me is by email.

spam at featureblend dot com

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